Artificial Intelligence Books For Kids

Machine Learning Books for Kids

Build intuition on how machine learning algorithms work with our unique story books for children (9+), parents, grown-ups and teachers.


– Learn about computer vision in easy steps

– Understand how machine learning can solve problems

– Poffphee’s adventure is a simple story designed to reinforce knowledge

– Learn about neural networks

– Help your children be better prepared for an exciting future


Experiment with resources to help learn important concepts

Playchimp Poffphee Perceptron

Have lots of fun and experiment with simple neural networks and learn to detect objects.


– Understand how computer see!

– Learn how pictures are turned into numbers

– With simple maths learn all about filters


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The amazing adventures of Poffphee Perceptron

The Amazing Adventures of Poffphee Perceptron

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Artificial Intelligence Kits Coming Soon.

Computer Vision with a Raspberry Pi

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